Neeraj Deginal

Author, CTO, Consultant, Minimalist, Essentialist


Over 25 years of broad-based management in Systems Design and Development, Implementation, Support and Infrastructure Management. Strategically and cost effectively utilize technology in alignment with corporate goals. Consistently improve delivery times and service levels while reducing costs. Excel at strategic planning, building high-performance teams, project management, and implementing best practice methodologies and continuous improvement programs.

2011 - Present: CTO/Consultant, CGI / SHRM (India/APAC and MENA)

2002 - 2011: Deputy General Manager, Outsource Partners International (OPI, now EXL Services)

2000 - 2002: Senior Developer, E-connect India Limited (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited)

1998 - 2000: Developer, Nikat

Education / Certification

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Certified SCRUM Master (CSM)
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor

Consulting Assignments

Please reach out to [email protected] to engage.

Simple is Ample

We are the most intelligent species on this planet. It is said that we are living in the best time in human history. We are one of the privileged generations with the utmost convenience.
We are healthier than ever, and our life spans have increased with the advancement of science, medicine, and technology. We have more freedom than ever; we have the best tools and technology, information at our fingertips, doorstep delivery, everything at the touch of a button, a better lifestyle, more money, the best food & entertainment, and everything is faster and better. With all this, our life should be simple and comfortable. But is it? Or have we complicated it? Let us relook at our lives, make an inward journey, and see how we can simplify our lives.

Life is simple, and simple is ample.

About the Book

What Readers of "Simple is Ample" Say

  • Lyanne N: "The book is a quick read where the author has written it in a simple yet relatable way that really gets you thinking and introspecting about your own life, choices and much more. Must read!"
  • I_read_books: "It is a good self help book. Appreciate the effort of author and the publisher for making this book available."
  • Ninan Eapen: "Wonderful quick reference finance guideline book. Shows the experience of a typical Indian working professional, with examples of situations and real life scenarios where finance options like loans, fixed deposits and other investments, insurance, medical coverage as well as the need for each of these is set out properly. For anyone interested in a reference, or in what-should-I-do-questions, or wants to have a look at a similar person managing a working life, maybe starting or managing a family, needs for spouse, kids, parents, including investments, asset building, medical eventualities etc - this is a simple and easy to understand reference. Of course, the overarching thread is that simple is more than enough ! There is no need to splurge, most necessities can be met with simple, thought through plans. Enjoy the read !"
  • Nitya Vijaykumar: "A practical guide that pushes you to take a pause and reflect to connect with what really matters to one. A lucid account of investing time in things that will leave an impact . Interesting for young and 10 year old found an interesting read in this book .....talks about how the author has really kept it simple to strike a chord with young minds."
  • Suyash Tibrewal: "This book is really very helpful for those who are looking to make miracle changes in your life. I have benefitted from this book and has applied it in my day to day life."
  • Amandeep Kaur: "This book had a deep impact as we the youngsters are running in a ratrace to outshine others but simply forget what’s the ultimate happiness. Simple is actually ample."
  • Sharan CT: "A book one can read again and again. Loved the simple, on point writing style. Time well spent on reading it."
  • Rajendra Kumar: "Simplicity leads to a stress free and joyful life. In this book, the author has given several steps and strategies to lead a simple life. He has explained about managing the personal finance to maintain a debt free living. The ideas given in this book about investing and trading would be very useful for the investors. Steps for leading a simple life are described with simple and healthy lifestyle. The author Neeraj Deginal wrote this book through his real life experiences and the knowledge he gained through them. The writing style is simple and easily understandable. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a simple and happy life in this complex world."
  • Book Lover: "A short sweet book to help you appreciate life in a more open way. I loved the way this book got me thinking it was beautiful for sure. I picked up this book on a share from Readers Village Free Book Page on their blog and it was very enjoyable and powerful."
  • Varun Mehra: "I really enjoyed reading this book. The author did a great job of explaining the concept of "Simple is Ample" and how it can be applied to real life situations. I think that anyone who is interested in learning more about this topic would enjoy reading this book."
  • Mic B: "From finance to health, there are invaluable advice in this book! Worth the read!"
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Zero Debt

"Zero Debt - Breaking The Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life". Writing a book was never a goal for me, but thanks to my Life Coach Satish Rao and my life experiences, I decided to write this book hoping to help and motivate people to become debt free (loan free) and lead a better life. My inspiration and guide to become debt-free was my brother Dr. Deepak.

About the Book

From the Blogs

  • Sugandha & Naren (Saving Habit): Today one of the readers of is sharing his life journey of getting debt free, creating a passive stream of incomes and becoming financially independent...
  • Shilpi Chaklanobis: Life of rather I should say urban life especially in Metros and bigger cities is full of chaos now a days. Everyone is runner after name, fame and most importantly money...
  • Sadhuvi: In this book, Author narrates his own experiences in dealing with financial journey in his life..He speaks about how he fell in to a debt trap and what he did to rectify...
  • Mahesh Sowani: Zero Debt, Break the debt cycle and reclaim your life is wonderfully simple and simply wonderful book by Neeraj Deginal. This is the real life story of a man...
  • Niyati Gogna: It’s a wonderful guide to manage personal finances and lead a stress free life on account of financial outcomes. The book deals with various experiences...
  • Dr. Amrita: Simple easy to read style.The author has made the book copyright free .That means you can share as much as you want and help more people.That’s a lovely gesture...
  • Kruti Shah: Today in the world of EMI, credit cards and the desire to posses various luxuries, the possiblity of an individual staying debt free is slim. The author in his book...
  • Rebecca: Today I wanted to share my review of the above book, as I think there are a lot of things that can be learned from it. Being of the age and category of both young and financially...
  • Rajan Mogha: Indian kids don’t understand finance till they marry. Till the time they are in college they are provided money by their parents and they don’t know how to manage it...
  • Theysee: Indian kids don’t understand finance till they marry. Till the time they are in college they are provided money by their parents and they don’t know how to manage it...

What Readers of "Zero Debt" Say

  • Mukul Singh: "Written in simple and basic english language with a greater life lessons. If you are in a age group of 18-25, it could be a great life turner for you. Although this is my first book which I read 100%."
  • Wavell Charles: "Very well written and articulated. Simple language and more simple applicable ideas. Am highly impressed. A topic which concerns almost everyone at some point of time in their life."
  • Gopal Krishna: "Must read for current millinieals. Nice information for how to be financial discipline, debt free, peaceful life. Simple English used and very easy to understand"
  • Satyajit: "Excellent, must read for youths who stepping into earning phase. Very well written with a personal practical point of view which is applicable to most youth these days . Life of a salaried person with diversion leads to more confusion due to age, friends circle, family detachment and many things. Kudos to Neeraj for reconnecting many who go thru this phase of life."
  • Srinivas Duvvuri: "If you deal with money, you'll want to read this book. I rarely read a book & that it hooked it for 2 straight days must tell you something! It's written in a simple way & evokes thought. A good book must always make you think. I have been thru some experiences & I wish I read this book 10 years ago. I wish this was written 10 years ago. Keep it & read it every once in a while!"
  • Jitendra B G: "Very practical and realistic. Most relevant in current life style of many big city dwellers. Most of us can relate to what Neeraj had gone through in his life. We all have lived through it or been close to those who have lived through it or living through it. It's dreadful to be in debt and can understand how life gets sucked out. The good thing about what Neeraj had written is the pragmatic and applicable solutions and guidance. In this era of a fast paced life that most live or go through not many of our parents can either guide us. Neeraj's book is a good guide to freedom for all those who are still stuck in their self created financial trap."
  • Ankit Pal: "Read this book to be free!" This is an inspiring book written by a modern day knowledge worker living and earning his living like most of us. His journey through and out of debt using a systematic approach has been inspiring. I have already started working on my personal finances based on Neeraj's insights. It is a great and practical addition to anyone's personal finance library."
  • Richard A Raymor: "Well put together read. It made me evaluate my life and goals. Well put together read. It made me evaluate my life and goals. I think this book is perfect for the person that is an over achiever!"
  • Mahesh Kumar Tallam: "Apt Book To Be Debt Free. Very well written and articulated to convey the real life experiences of a growing professional in the corporate. Invaluable lessons for those who are starting off their career or in the mid life and definitely there are lot of takeaways that would help one incorporate in their life to become debt-free for good. My heartiest congratulations to Neeraj for such a fantastic outcome in the form of the book."
  • Shruti Sud: "Must read for everyone. I have read it once and am sure of reading it once more. It doesn't matter how much money you make or if you’re poor. It’s all about taking that step & doing yourself a favour by getting out of debt. I got hooked to the way each chapter is approached, those quotes at beginning of each chapter got my mind tickling. I admit it, got teary eyed as well, while reading few sections too. One should buy & read this book, not only for those who have enormous debts to clear but also to get a perspective in life. We are brought-up that ways, we need some (real) stories to learn & un-learn. Even if you are not in debt think of what this book could do for families with college students and teenagers. If they learn before going into debt they will thank the author."
  • Dedeepya: "Relevant,and Practical are two words that came to my mind while reading this book. This book is not just for those who are deep in debt, but for each an every person who wants to lead a self - sufficient, sustainable, and happy life! A Friend, Colleague - The author touches upon certain hard hitting facts about Assets and Liabilities. If you are thinking its related to just Finance, you are mistaken! a definite recommendation from my end to all to read!"
  • Priyank Shingal: "The best out there! A must read for everyone across generation. This book is brilliantly written with hard facts and truth that many of us go through but are shy to open about it. The authors fabulous journey is narrated and it's a treat to the eyes to read this. Highly recommended and must buy for a thoughtfull discussion with your own self.! Amazing!"
  • Tashi Bhutia: "This Book is not only about being Zero Debt, but an analysis about stages of life and its importance and obvious finance being pivotal in life. I was much encouraged when talked about passive income and at the same time pledge to cut down my CC and virtual social networking rather live in real and happy life. So happy to read this book by my friend/colleague and thanks for motivating us. Highly Recommended!"
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I am a Minimalist in almost every aspect of life. I donated all my clothes and belongings to live in a suitcase. I sold my properties to live in a rented house. I work as part time IT Consultant to make more time for myself, family, friends and my passion.

Few steps which I took:

  • Became debt-free (my book is based on this)
  • Sold all my real estate properties. Sold my own house. Living in a rented & smaller house
  • Terminated all my insurances and kept only two insurances - Term Insurance & Medical Insurance
  • Closed all bank accounts and kept only one bank account
  • Closed all credit cards
  • Donated all my clothes, shoes, accessories and all other stuffs
  • Donated all my books. I use Kindle to read books
  • Quit full time job and became a consultant
  • Quit social media
  • Use basic phone for calls & SMS
  • Reduced consumption habits - stuffs, information - TV, news, youtube, netflix etc
  • And many more..


I got into stock market by chance and series of events in my life which got me into serious trading. I am trained and mentored by Vishal Malkan and Meghna Malkan, one of the best trainers in the industry. I am a professional Trader now and am passionate about it.

Trading is part of the plan to generate additional or passive income.


As stated by Greg McKeown, Author of the book "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less", Essentialism is a systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, then eliminating everything that is not, so we can make the highest possible contribution toward the things that really matter.

Essentialism and Minimalism compliment each other.

How I implemented it

  • At every crossroad, I ask myself - is this "Essential"?
  • If the answer is yes then I deliberate it for couple of days to reconfirm
  • If the answer is still yes, then I go for it
  • For everything else the answer is resounding "No"

Try doing this when you are thinking of taking a loan, buying a house, car, bike, phone, clothes, household stuff, food, setting up a meeting, checking/responding to your emails, attending a phone call and anything else which involves your time, money or effort.