Concept of GOD

By Neeraj Deginal: 02-Apr-18

We have rich and poor in every religion, we have happy and sad people in every religion, we have successful and unsuccessful people in every religion, we have criminals, soldiers, lazy, hardworking, intelligent, sick, handicap, talented people in every religion. We have same teaching in every religion. Then how is that one religion is better than the other? And if all religion is same, then why is that we have fights between followers of different religions?

This made me think if there is something beyond the perception of humans and which is beyond the concept of God. We spend so much money, time and energy in the name of God whom we have never seen or experienced. But if we spend same money, time and energy in helping other beings, wouldnt this place be a better place to live? Culturally we have degraded to unknown level. Even with the outburst of technology and information, this is only getting worse.

We blame politicians for being corrupt, we dont trust them anymore. And the irony is that we still vote for them as we dont have alternative, and tend to choose lesser corrupt or criminal politician.

We blame rich businessmen for looting our money through their businesses. But we are the one who make them rich by consuming their product. Someone said about Banks:

A bank is a broker between the middle class and the rich. The only place where the two meet is in a bank. The middle class brings the money, through saving, and the rich takes it, through borrowing. A middle class person saves the money because they have more money than their thinking capacity. So they keep the money in the bank so they can go and think what to do with the money they saved.

On the other side, the rich people come to pick that money, through borrowing, because they have more ideas than the money they have. On a practical side, please show me one billionaire who got rich through saving and I will show you millions who have money saved in the banks and are still renting the houses that the Millionaires and billionaires build through the middle class people savings which the rich borrowed from a bank.

We try to look at things in a given framework, something which is based on knowledge or information available with us. Unable to solve, we eventually reach out to God for solutions of all our problems. And soon we realize that problems are only increasing for all beings. So are we reaching out to right source for solutions? Has religion done more good? Should we look beyond the concept of god and religion? Should we try think with a clean slate?

Someone asked an elderly man - tell me sir, in which field can I make a great career? He said - Be a good human being, there is a huge opportunity in this area and with very little competition.

So what is your concept of God?